While every effort is made to ensure that our product listings are accurate, mistakes or misunderstandings may occur, we apologise in advance if this happens from time to time.

We have great relationships with all of our suppliers, however, just because we carry a particular brand does not mean that the brand specifically endorses Gizmobusters, or vice versa.

We do our best to keep our product database including stock levels up to date as much as possible. However, due to the nature of large volumes of stock coming in and going out, sometimes the database numbers can temporarily get out of sync with the actual stock levels available. In the event that our website indicates that we have something in stock, but we don't actually have it, we will contact you.

All of our stock comes with the standard manufacturer's warranty for that product. If for any reason the manufacturer will not cover your warranty, then Gizmobusters will not be liable for providing a warranty or other compensation in place of the merchant.

And finally, we sell a lot of gear that is used in some pretty extreme sports and activities. Gizmobusters will IN NO WAY be held responsible for any injury or damage to you, or your property, from the use of any of our products. Have fun, but be careful OK?